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Meanwhile I shall go to the ball

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It’s friday! and if I had a proper 9-5 Mon-Fri job I would be so happy and planning my friday night out.


Except I have odd hours and days and I didn’t realise it was friday until about 20 minutes ago.


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Meanwhile my top ten

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I’ve been thinking about SL clothing/skins/hair/accessories that I will always buy, always on the lookout for,and came up with my own person top ten.

1) Skins with light boob shading for us with small chesticular regions

2) Hats, always hats, I don’t mind hats on their own, or hat hairs, I just want more hats please

3) Patterns.

4) Hair with wispy bits

5) Huds, clothes huds, hair huds, love a hud I do.  It cuts down on so much inventory

6) Freckles

7) Shoes that look like you can do some real damage to someone

8) Mesh clothes that don’t have enormous knockers so I have giant gaping areas.

9) Skins with strong dark eyebrows

10) Houses and furniture that looked ‘lived in’ a bit worn and not pristine looking


Now if you are going to do your own, don’t be boring and just say Hair! Shoes! be specific, like I like black hair that is actually black. But also don’t be a kiss arse and just list a load of designers that are you thirsty for.



What I wanted to show you today was some new releases, the sandal boots from Hucci, which as usual come with a colour change hud to change different areas of the boot.


more below the cut.

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