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Meanwhile in arcadia

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The Arcade opens tomorrow, 1st September, it’s going to be carnage.


What I want to show you though is 2 things from the Arcade that are definitely worth at least 1 try.  Firstly the hair from Exile.   What I like about Exile’s gachas is that the rares are not regular popular colours but fancied up versions, so the rares are a blonde /red/black/brown sparkle version and the commons are all the normal colours.  Also you don’t get just 1 colour, you get a colour pack so pastels, naturals, light blondes, dark browns etc and each of them you can streak different colours into.  I am very impressed at the depth of these packs.


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Meanwhile it’s not my circus

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and they are certainly not my monkeys…..


Although I do like to watch a circus and I do find monkeys interesting…..

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Meanwhile the cat goes meow

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It’s June, there are new rounds at FaMESHed and the Arcade has opening i think, its all been really quiet 😉


So, first up, The Arcade and new from Culprit are cat and dog rides, the commons are single person rides (loads of sweet and funny animations) and the rare is a 4 person roundabout spectacular in dog or cat form.

Culprit _  MeoWoof _ 1024

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Meanwhile it’s tough settling down

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In SecondLife you can be anything you want to be, look like anything you want and live whereever you want, and thats great, and often what you want changes several times a day, but sometimes you need to settle on 1 thing, at least for a little bit.  So I have rezzed and decorated about 5 houses in the space of 2 weeks and it’s just got to stop! So I am sticking with this one, the Dragonfly cottage from Culprit for at least 6 months.


Picture heavy post under the cut, where I show you my new house, what I need and also my outfit…..

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Meanwhile I’ve levelled up

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I moved in SL this week, a bit more land, and because I have more space I obviously need to fill it!


Pic heavy post below, you have been warned, but it is pretty…..

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