Meanwhile in arcadia

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The Arcade opens tomorrow, 1st September, it’s going to be carnage.


What I want to show you though is 2 things from the Arcade that are definitely worth at least 1 try.  Firstly the hair from Exile.   What I like about Exile’s gachas is that the rares are not regular popular colours but fancied up versions, so the rares are a blonde /red/black/brown sparkle version and the commons are all the normal colours.  Also you don’t get just 1 colour, you get a colour pack so pastels, naturals, light blondes, dark browns etc and each of them you can streak different colours into.  I am very impressed at the depth of these packs.


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Meanwhile I do like to lounge around in my knickers

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I dont own pajamas.


A few things I wanted to show today, firstly the chair by Culprit.  Upcycled sofas with unique animations for 1 or 2 avatars, in loads of wood shades and upholstery options.


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Meanwhile If you like Pina Coladas

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A bit of a variety pack now, a lot of men’s stuff, and these little houses from Culprit.


The houses are 21li, $350L each and all the windows/doors open and each one has different interiors and roof as well as exterior.  Nobody does weathered  and worn houses like Culprit, I do recommend checking them out in person.

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Meanwhile August comes early

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I promised back in February I wouldn’t change houses for 6 months.  It’s close enough I reckon.

culprit cottage

New from Culprit out now, the Village houses which come in Cotswold (shown) and Provence) both have quirky features like distressed walls and roof, and even come with poses, all the info under the cut.

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Meanwhile the cat goes meow

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It’s June, there are new rounds at FaMESHed and the Arcade has opening i think, its all been really quiet 😉


So, first up, The Arcade and new from Culprit are cat and dog rides, the commons are single person rides (loads of sweet and funny animations) and the rare is a 4 person roundabout spectacular in dog or cat form.

Culprit _  MeoWoof _ 1024

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