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Meanwhile in arcadia

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The Arcade opens tomorrow, 1st September, it’s going to be carnage.


What I want to show you though is 2 things from the Arcade that are definitely worth at least 1 try.  Firstly the hair from Exile.   What I like about Exile’s gachas is that the rares are not regular popular colours but fancied up versions, so the rares are a blonde /red/black/brown sparkle version and the commons are all the normal colours.  Also you don’t get just 1 colour, you get a colour pack so pastels, naturals, light blondes, dark browns etc and each of them you can streak different colours into.  I am very impressed at the depth of these packs.


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Meanwhile you are ‘avin a bubble mate

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I’ve been getting more ranty lately on my blog, I think I’m getting too old for nonsense and no more patience for bullshit.  Todays rant is one of my old favourites.  PUT SOME DAMN CUTS IN YOUR BLOG.

I love going through the feeds, finding interesting blogs and stuff I want to try out, but the whole point of cuts is that I see you on a feed and I will click through if its interesting.  It also means if its cack, I don’t have to scroll too far to avoid it.



New newness from Magika who is guesting at Collabor88 this month, dresses from Cracked Mirror @ FaMESHED (more patterns under the cut) and shoes by Bushu for the slink high feet.


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Meanwhile If you like Pina Coladas

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A bit of a variety pack now, a lot of men’s stuff, and these little houses from Culprit.


The houses are 21li, $350L each and all the windows/doors open and each one has different interiors and roof as well as exterior.  Nobody does weathered  and worn houses like Culprit, I do recommend checking them out in person.

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Meanwhile today is the day

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I know it was delayed, but today is finally nip slip wednesday, nips under the cut…


Loads of new releases today, from the varied patterned top and shorts from Cracked Mirror at this months FaMESHed to the new shoes from Hucci which have 8 different areas you can change the colour of, they are so versatile and for the Slink high feet.


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Meanwhile at the lake

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New releases and commentary today, I love fairs, I like finding new to me stores, I like seeing new new things all in one place and I am SO excited that hair fair is coming up, its my favourite SL fair.


New release now from Cracked Mirror, the beach dress, I love the slightly see through hem part, its a nice touch and comes in a variety of colours.

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