Meanwhile out for a walk

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In the sunshine, I walk a lot in RL, I walk pretty much everywhere I don’t think you can really know a place by driving it, you only know the quirks, the shortcuts and the feel by walking it.


So new stuff now from Ison, the Divine Bustier and Bolero @ Collabor88, they are 2 seperate pieces that work together nicely too (more pics under the cut) and also new shoes from Bushu, each pair come in a mesh or materials version.


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Meanwhile we are all anonymous

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But we are not all accountable.

Darkley Aeon is my SL name, it’s obviously not my RL name, so to some extent I am anonymous.  If I decided to go on a rampage in SL burning all my bridges I could in theory just make a new avatar and start all over again, but I would lose years of relationships, goodwill and friends.  I might disagree with you, if I do I will let you know that I do but I would never hide behind an anon, protecting my Darkley Aeon identity to behave badly.  Don’t mistake being honest with being a bitch, and don’t believe that someone who refuses to hide their opinions would then hide anonymously to be cruel


I went back over to Collabor88 and one of the guest designers has now set up,  La Penderie De Nicole which is a bit of a mouthful and a nightmare for bad spellers but the dress is lovely, fitted mesh in loads of colourways, i nipped over to their mainstore and will certainly be buying from them again.

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Meanwhile having a bit of a lounge about

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I finally managed to get some nice wicker chairs for my house.


they are large chairs, like mini sofas and have a hud where you can change 3 different cushions to different colours and patterns

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Meanwhile I have opinions, lot’s and lot’s of them

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This one is about events.


Most events are at a specific location, and the big ones like The Arcade, Hair Fair, Skin Fair, Collabor88 have 1 thing in common, its hard to get in the first week it opens.

Now there are people who take it upon themselves to camp at entrance points to tell people off as they tp in, being script heavy, or whatever, now when I go to an event I tend to mute every person there, cam shop then bugger off, I don’t really care what other people are doing, it doesn’t seem to impact me.  What DOES affect me though is people who manage to get in, then sit there, camp there, take up space, hanging out with their mates chatting.  As far as I am concerned, wear your ugly arse 2007 primmy crap shooting particles out your arse, just get on with it and then fuck off so the rest of us can get in.


Ok, 1 event that is held in mainstores and therefore no lag, no jostling to get in is the 21 shoe event, which opens again this friday, 24 hour sale of exlusive shoes and the above is one of the shoes on offer from Hucci this round.

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Meanwhile I look a little different

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I now have my first mesh head.  Slink have released 2 so far (I’ve heard from my team of spy badgers that more are on the way) Becky and Emma, I am showing the Becky head which is more me than the Emma head. For techy details check out Grazia’s in depth blog about it.


But before I witter on about the head, a couple of things, new outfit from Liv Glam called Icebox, they are seperate trouser and top/jacket so you can wear them seperately, and new shoes from Hucci @ Collabor88 this month, and I do like a shoe that you could damage someone with.

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