Meanwhile out for a walk

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In the sunshine, I walk a lot in RL, I walk pretty much everywhere I don’t think you can really know a place by driving it, you only know the quirks, the shortcuts and the feel by walking it.


So new stuff now from Ison, the Divine Bustier and Bolero @ Collabor88, they are 2 seperate pieces that work together nicely too (more pics under the cut) and also new shoes from Bushu, each pair come in a mesh or materials version.


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Meanwhile you are ‘avin a bubble mate

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I’ve been getting more ranty lately on my blog, I think I’m getting too old for nonsense and no more patience for bullshit.  Todays rant is one of my old favourites.  PUT SOME DAMN CUTS IN YOUR BLOG.

I love going through the feeds, finding interesting blogs and stuff I want to try out, but the whole point of cuts is that I see you on a feed and I will click through if its interesting.  It also means if its cack, I don’t have to scroll too far to avoid it.



New newness from Magika who is guesting at Collabor88 this month, dresses from Cracked Mirror @ FaMESHED (more patterns under the cut) and shoes by Bushu for the slink high feet.


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Meanwhile it’s just a tad warm round here

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I’m making sure I do any heavy lifting early in the morning, before it becomes too much.


New releases now from Ison (the dress, more on that under the cut) and the shoes by Bushu at this round of my attic.  There are loads of different colour combos and they come in mesh and materials ready versions.



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