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Meanwhile out for a walk

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In the sunshine, I walk a lot in RL, I walk pretty much everywhere I don’t think you can really know a place by driving it, you only know the quirks, the shortcuts and the feel by walking it.


So new stuff now from Ison, the Divine Bustier and Bolero @ Collabor88, they are 2 seperate pieces that work together nicely too (more pics under the cut) and also new shoes from Bushu, each pair come in a mesh or materials version.


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Meanwhile it’s another day

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Still more from Collabor88, this time a beautiful dress from Ison, see under the cut for a close look at the bodice, the detail is incredible.


New Shoes for the slink Mid feet from Ingenue at My Slink Obsession.  I love a cork heel i do.


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Meanwhile on Mount Olympus

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Togas and arm chains are very much in style, just like the last 5000 years!


Loads of new stuff from Collabor88 and I am really enjoying the theme of this round.

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Meanwhile at Club Tropicana

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Drinks are freeeeeeeeeee……

I don’t know why, but I’ve had that on a permanent loop in my head all morning.


and sharing is caring right?


Ok, new stuff now, shoes by bliensen + Maitai and dress by Emery, and as you have probably noticed.  A HAT!

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Meanwhile it’s the annual OMG ITS HAIRFAIR post

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Hair Fair 2014 Logo with dates

Hair Fair, if you didn’t know, opens tomorrow! (12th July) and the demo group is now open to join and I highly recommend joining so you can choose what you want to buy without fighting the lag.

So here it goes, I am going to blog hairs as I go along over the next few days.  All pictures are unedited.


So first up, 3 of the 5 hairs on offer from Exile (the other 2 are mens, but I will wear them anyway :P) Left to right  *Blown Away*, * Young and Beautiful* and *Seduction* I feel very Charlie’s Angels/Bridgette Bardot in these.


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