Meanwhile I do like to lounge around in my knickers

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I dont own pajamas.


A few things I wanted to show today, firstly the chair by Culprit.  Upcycled sofas with unique animations for 1 or 2 avatars, in loads of wood shades and upholstery options.


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Meanwhile it’s the annual OMG ITS HAIRFAIR post #2

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Yes, this is another hair fair post, and yes I am excited. Details on how to join the inworld demo group, information about the Wigs for kids charity and any other information on the Hair Fair on the official blog.

Now for more hairs! all pics are unedited and most are under the cut.

vanity hair


So first up is Vanity hair, there are 5 styles on offer this year and I like the updos the best. Left is *Flirt* and right is *Flirt 2*

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Meanwhile I’ve changed my mind, summer please, NOW

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Or at least a few days in a row when it ain’t chucking it down would be nice.


Last post today about the 21 shoe event, I promise, there’s just so many great shoes on offer, these are from Cashmere & Keane, for the Slink medium foot and I like the little tail thingy at the back.


On my mission to find short hair I found a new to me store, Ayashi, and this is a boys hair, but I don’t care 😛

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