Meanwhile back to blonde

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I love hair, I wear a lot of hair colours, when I started SL I wore black exclusively for about 2 years, but as time went on I switched to white, then blonde, then red, and a few others inbetween.  I have been red for a bit lately, but now I’m going back to blonde.  especially blondes with dark roots.


It’s that time again, 21 Shoe Event is now open, and the shoes there are only available today.  These shoes are available now at KoiKoi for $295L for the both of them. Yes, they are buy one get one free.  For other shoes available today check out the official blog.


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Meanwhile I always want more

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More stuff, more hair, more shoes, more more more.


21 Shoe Event is still open for another 11 or so hours, 2 for 1 on lots of amazing original shoes.


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Meanwhile how about some shoes to go with that hair?

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I am sure that most of you have already been to the hair fair, although it could always warrant at least 1 more visit before it closes right? just in case you’ve missed another gem right?


If you have already bought the whole of hair fair, now you need some new shoes to go with them?  21 Shoe Event is now open only for today, and there are 10 pairs of original shoes from 5 designers all available exclusively for the event.


Above, from KoiKoi, below from Hucci onliy for this event.



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Meanwhile on the ledge

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Yes, I know, I’ve done a few blog posts today, however 21 Shoe Event is only open till 11.59pm SLT so if I don’t show you now then you will miss out.


so here is 1 of the shoes from MiaMai that is only available today.


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Meanwhile I am adrift

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I dont know if you’ve heard, but the 21 shoe event is now on, and will be closing at 11.59pm SLT, so you best get a move on if you want to grab 2 for 1 shoes from some of the hottest SL shoe designers


These hells called Topico are available right now at KoiKoi, and the best part? you get another pair of shoes at the same time!


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