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Meanwhile back to blonde

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I love hair, I wear a lot of hair colours, when I started SL I wore black exclusively for about 2 years, but as time went on I switched to white, then blonde, then red, and a few others inbetween.  I have been red for a bit lately, but now I’m going back to blonde.  especially blondes with dark roots.


It’s that time again, 21 Shoe Event is now open, and the shoes there are only available today.  These shoes are available now at KoiKoi for $295L for the both of them. Yes, they are buy one get one free.  For other shoes available today check out the official blog.


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Meanwhile in a bit of a daydream

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It’s nearly that time again, 21 Shoe opens tomorrow and there are loads of fabulous original mesh shoes that are 2 for the price of 1, check out the blog or join the inworld group for slurls after 12.01am tommorow SLT


1 of the shoes available are these heels by Hucci for the slink high foot, as with all Hucci shoes each pair comes with a hud to change the sole colour.


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Meanwhile something blue

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The 21 shoe event is now open, check the blog for SLurls


On of the shoes on offer are these ankle boots from Baiastice, in an exlusive denim texture

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Meanwhile it needs to be spring now

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Right now, Winter is just so over.

So, more goodies from the 21 shoe event, this time from KoiKoi, 2 different shoes this time, 1 for the slink high feet, 1 for the medium, and I do like a shoe that looks like I could damage someone with.


Also, I was talking about short hair, was going through my folder, and I have a specific folder called ‘short hair’ theres some in there, but its a smaller folder than the rest.  Short hair doesn’t have to be severe (although I do like those too) short hair can be pretty, can be sweet, so pull your finger out hairiators (I made that word up) make me short ladies hair!

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Meanwhile one day in February

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21 Shoe Event is now open, you have just 1 days to pick up these exclusive shoes.  These are the Siren Stilettos available in gold and silver only today.


Now I want to talk about hair.   Short hair and the lack of good mesh short hair in SL.  I love hair.  I have lots and lots of lovely long hair, I have lots and lots of lovely updo hair, what I have a major shortage of is lovely short hair, I want hair like Clare in House of Cards, I want sweet pixie short hair, I want partially shaved choppy short hair, I want full fringes and close cropped back and sides, I want short hair!

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