Meanwhile it’s another day

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Still more from Collabor88, this time a beautiful dress from Ison, see under the cut for a close look at the bodice, the detail is incredible.


New Shoes for the slink Mid feet from Ingenue at My Slink Obsession.  I love a cork heel i do.


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Meanwhile on Mount Olympus

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Togas and arm chains are very much in style, just like the last 5000 years!


Loads of new stuff from Collabor88 and I am really enjoying the theme of this round.

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Meanwhile you are ‘avin a bubble mate

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I’ve been getting more ranty lately on my blog, I think I’m getting too old for nonsense and no more patience for bullshit.  Todays rant is one of my old favourites.  PUT SOME DAMN CUTS IN YOUR BLOG.

I love going through the feeds, finding interesting blogs and stuff I want to try out, but the whole point of cuts is that I see you on a feed and I will click through if its interesting.  It also means if its cack, I don’t have to scroll too far to avoid it.



New newness from Magika who is guesting at Collabor88 this month, dresses from Cracked Mirror @ FaMESHED (more patterns under the cut) and shoes by Bushu for the slink high feet.


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Meanwhile If you like Pina Coladas

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A bit of a variety pack now, a lot of men’s stuff, and these little houses from Culprit.


The houses are 21li, $350L each and all the windows/doors open and each one has different interiors and roof as well as exterior.  Nobody does weathered  and worn houses like Culprit, I do recommend checking them out in person.

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Meanwhile on an epic odyssey

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To try and find a new skin that isn’t in a damn gacha.


I have been successful! more under the cut, first I want to talk about new stuff at Collabor88 which has a Odyssey greek theme this month.  One of the offerings to Hades/Zeus is these sandals from Hucci, which as always come in so many options there are 8 different buttons to click on the hud so you can match them to pretty much anything.


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