Meanwhile August comes early

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I promised back in February I wouldn’t change houses for 6 months.  It’s close enough I reckon.

culprit cottage

New from Culprit out now, the Village houses which come in Cotswold (shown) and Provence) both have quirky features like distressed walls and roof, and even come with poses, all the info under the cut.

LI 116

Footprint 20×17

Working doors and windows
Working fireplace
Window Seat with space for 2
Each side has:
6 singles Male
6 single Female
9 couple cuddles
7 couple sleeping

culprit cottage2

What I like about culprit houses is that they are usually open plan but have nooks and crannys so its easy to have a feel of a ‘room’ without it being blocked off.  This one is no exception, large open 2 storey house.  Now I just need to sort out my landscaping to match it nicely

culprit cottage 3


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