Meanwhile here are 10 things I dislike

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I wrote about 10 things I love in SL a couple of days ago so here is my opposite list.

1) Customer service people calling me hun/dear/honey – my name is *right there* just use it, hun/dear may be a term of endearment where you come from in the world, but I don’t live in your street and where I come from its patronising.

2) Events that I can’t find, I see promos of events and I search inworld, I google, find the official blog and no slurls.  If I can’t find you, I can’t spend my $L there.

3)  Stores I can’t find, the slurl listed is wrong/outdated so I will check the creators profile and they don’t have their store in their picks, again, if I can’t find you, I can’t spend my $L with you.

4) Skins that don’t have hand and feet appliers in the pack as standard.  I know there are 101 different mesh parts that all need appliers and it must be hellish for creators to deal with but hands and feet are pretty basic and I don’t understand creators who put the loudmouth in as standard but not the damn feet.

5) Controversial one now, Standard Sizing.  My issue is not with the idea, but the shapes themselves, there are not 6 shapes, its 1 shape in 6 incrementally larger sizes, there is no variety, there is no short busty with hips or tall and slender, its the same slim shape with big boobs with no belly, no arse.  I know things are improving with mesh bodies and fitted mesh, but SS is around for a good while yet.

6) Morphs.  Morphs in all its forms, from Morphed ads, to Morphed blog pics.  I even dislike SL avies pasted onto RL backdrops, its just jarring.

7) Mesh stuff thats invisible on the inside.  Dresses and skirts are the worst offenders.

8) People who won’t use cuts on their blogs, when I’m checking a feed I just want to see 1 or 2 pictures and then if I’m interested I’ll click through for the rest, I don’t want to see 7+ shitty pictures of the same crappy dress in different colours in huge sizes taking up an entire page of a feed.

9) Rp’ers who insist on dragging me into their RP without my consent, I used to RP when I first joined SL, but I kept it to the RP sim I RP’d on, I have no interest in dealing with your master slave act while I’m trying on a skin, and I certainly don’t want to have to translate your version of a speech impediment when you are asking me for a favour.

10) Security.  I know that some people have had real issues in the past and I do understand why people need security on their land.  However it’s so annoying when you tp somewhere that you’ve tp’d to before and it’s got a new owner with a hair trigger orb that boots you before you even have a chance to select another location.  It’s worse when their security encroaches onto your land and tries to boot you home, over and over.



Hair is from Exile @ Hair Fair 2014

Skin – PXL : Mia

Body – Slink

Undies  – Luxuria @ My Attic


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