Meanwhile it’s the annual OMG ITS HAIRFAIR post #4

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The Hair Fair is now officially open! Details on demo group, charity info and more on the official Hair Fair Blog

The Main slurls are





Once you get there and pick up the helpful notecard you can cut and paste direct TP’s to the store of your choice.

wasabi pills

3 of the hairs from Wasabi pills, *Barbara* *Midori* and *Nana* look at the soft plaits! beautiful curls and wispy bits, I am a very happy hairaholic today.

More pics and some hair fair advice under the cut.


Oh LeLutka! look at those curls! big hair is back baby and I am so happy with these, curls, plaits and like a crown thingy. stunning.

I messed up the names as I was noting them down, but there are 4 hairs available *Charlene* *Christine* *Colleen* and *Francine*


Chichickie *Kasandra* and *Lisa* I like the wispy bits on Kasandra, loads of colours to choose from in the easy to use hud.


2 of the styles from Tameless *Marie* and *Reni* so many colour combinations to choose from at Tameless, fades, roots, wild, naturals.


So now my little bit of advice when it comes to hair fair.

1) Demos – join the demo group, demo outside the fair, choose which hairs you want to go for.

2) When you get in, there WILL be other avatars who are taking the piss, particles, script heavy, resources hog, dont even bother to take it upon yourself to be the hair fair police, they wont listen and it will give you headache.  Mute them.  Move on.

3) When you’ve finished buying.  bugger off.  let someone else in.


Have a wonderful hair fair,


Skin – Pink Fuel : Sora

Eyes – Dead Apples : Striking Eyes

Undies – Adam n Eve

Bod – Slink



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