Meanwhile it’s the annual OMG ITS HAIRFAIR post

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Hair Fair 2014 Logo with dates

Hair Fair, if you didn’t know, opens tomorrow! (12th July) and the demo group is now open to join and I highly recommend joining so you can choose what you want to buy without fighting the lag.

So here it goes, I am going to blog hairs as I go along over the next few days.  All pictures are unedited.


So first up, 3 of the 5 hairs on offer from Exile (the other 2 are mens, but I will wear them anyway :P) Left to right  *Blown Away*, * Young and Beautiful* and *Seduction* I feel very Charlie’s Angels/Bridgette Bardot in these.




New to me store, Saltgrass with *Deinze* and *Raleigh*



I love a short hair I do, and Eilana from Damselfly makes great use of hairbases, the long style is called Praise

bliensen + maitai

Bliensen + Maitai always produce quirky retro inspired hairs and hats, these are just 2 of the hairs on offer at Hair Fair, *Madison Avenue* and *Sand Snake*

Skin – Pink Fuel  : Sora

Body – Slink

Undies – Adam n Eve

Eyes – Dead Apples




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