Meanwhile I hate gachas

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Well, not *all* gachas.

I have played gachas, in RL and SL, in RL you stick 20p in and you get a rubber ball, there are 100s of different rubber balls in the thing but you always get a rubber ball.  In SL, gachas used to be along these lines, you pay your 50L and you get X, there are 12 different varieties of X in the machine, but you always get an X.

Lately though I’ve noticed a big change in gachas, where theres a whole set of things and the crucial piece is a rare, or ultra rare, or just the massive difference in scale between the commons and the rares, the rare is a chair or a bed, and the common is a plate or something.  My latest gripe is skinners who put different tones in their gachas, or the tone I wear is a rare, I just want to buy the damn thing, full price.  Now, obviously people are free to do whatever they want, and creators are trying to make a profit etc and they won’t give a crap about what I think as gachas are still hugely popular but still, I just wanted to vent.

That all being said there are a few gachas I will still play, ones like the Hair ones, where you get the hair, just different colours, or the tiny avatar ones, or vehicles, or shoes, or jewellery, basically I like the ones like RL gachas.

Ok enough of my nonsense, here some new things you can buy in SL this week.


I am wearing a bit of menswear today, the jacket is available from FATEwear, and like all FATEwear products comes with loads of options.

up down, open, closed, with shirt, without shirt, its a load of jackets all in one.


Also, new hair from Spellbound at this months Collabor88, spellbound is a new to me store that i first found at Summerfest and I do like their reds and quirky styles


Hair – Spellbound : Toothbrush @ Collabor88

Skin – Pink Fuel : Sora

Eyes – Dead Apples : Striking Eyes

Nosering : Mons : Septum ring @ The Dressing Room Fusion

Jacket – FATEwear : Jeff

Shorts – Tres Blah : Astrid

Shoes – Milk Motion : Double Strap shoes @ TMD

Poses – ZZANG



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