Meanwhile don’t stop me now

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I’m having such a good time.


New stuff now out from FATEwear and yes, strictly speaking its menswear and yes strictly speaking I’m a lady but I don’t care and some menswear sits on me better anyway, owing to my well known lack of chesticulations.


What a like about FATEwear is that each item has options, lot’s and lot’s of options, shirt on? shirt off? open? closed? up? down? all with male standard sizing (im wearing small)


also loads of colour options to choose from, plus a HUD for the shirt so you can change the shirt colour.


Hair = Wasabi pills : Sadie

Skin – PXL : Mia

Hands and feet – Slink

Eyes – Dead Apples : Striking Eyes

Jacket – FATEwear : Luc

Jeans – Mon Tissu : Harlow’s

Shoes – Slink : Ilena

poses – Vain


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