Meanwhile it’s not nip slip Wednesday

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It has been rescheduled and will take place Thursday instead.  The reason for the late changes in schedule, the Slink Physique bod is now out!


So today is officially “look at my lovely bum, just look at it, look!” day.  The bod is $1250L, and currently comes with a variety of base skins, the clever bit though is under the cut.

For a lot of us, the ability to customise our shape is vital, we all want to be unique.  Mesh bodies do conform to the shape underneath, so you can still be you and wear a mesh body.  Once all the skinners make their appliers we can be properly different again.


Another clever part is the ability to alpha out pretty much any section of the body, so you can wear jackets, or certain dresses without poking through, it also shows that clothing can be applied, and TATTOOS ON ONE ARM!



In the Physique pack you also get 3 underwears, all controlled with a hud and a mesh dress.


Hair – Magika : Meadow

Bod and clothes and face : Slink – Physique *NEW*

Eyes – Dead Apples : Striking eyes

Poses – ZZANG


One thought on “Meanwhile it’s not nip slip Wednesday

    My Everyday Physique | Its Only Fashion said:
    June 26, 2014 at 11:28 pm

    […] Darkley did a nice job of blogging some of the features and versatility of this amazing new body. […]

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