Meanwhile we are all anonymous

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But we are not all accountable.

Darkley Aeon is my SL name, it’s obviously not my RL name, so to some extent I am anonymous.  If I decided to go on a rampage in SL burning all my bridges I could in theory just make a new avatar and start all over again, but I would lose years of relationships, goodwill and friends.  I might disagree with you, if I do I will let you know that I do but I would never hide behind an anon, protecting my Darkley Aeon identity to behave badly.  Don’t mistake being honest with being a bitch, and don’t believe that someone who refuses to hide their opinions would then hide anonymously to be cruel


I went back over to Collabor88 and one of the guest designers has now set up,  La Penderie De Nicole which is a bit of a mouthful and a nightmare for bad spellers but the dress is lovely, fitted mesh in loads of colourways, i nipped over to their mainstore and will certainly be buying from them again.


nice texture detail and its not invisible on the inside, lovely.


Also new is this group gift from Hucci, for the slink high feet, it comes with a hud so you can change the sole colour.


Hair – CATWA :  Jaya

Skin – Pink Fuel : Harley

Eyes – Dead Apples : Solar

Dress – La Penderie De Nicole : Criosiere Dress @ Collabor88

Hands and feet – Slink

Bangles – Maxi Gossamer : San Remo

Shoes – Hucci : Nightrock


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