Meanwhile I’ve levelled up

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I moved in SL this week, a bit more land, and because I have more space I obviously need to fill it!


Pic heavy post below, you have been warned, but it is pretty…..


So firstly the outside, most of the outdoor things are either Studio Skye like the beach/waves, the cliffs and waterfall and the boat, or Organica for the trees in the centre of the pic.



The house is from Culprit, and I wanted something that looked weathered, a bit beat up and not perfect and also fits what I need, I don’t need loads of room, I’m more about the outside.


The kitchen and bedroom set are from Agora, all mesh and with lots of animations and add ons, I’ll do them in more detail later and the dining room set and bathroom are from LAQ.


Bit of a mix here, the lights and the blue chair are Trompe Loleil, the cupboard is from Leezu @ Arcade and the sofa is Scarlet Creative @ Collabor88

I have plenty of prims to play with, so I’m hoping for nice spring indoor/outdoor furniture for the little conservatory bit.


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