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This one is about events.


Most events are at a specific location, and the big ones like The Arcade, Hair Fair, Skin Fair, Collabor88 have 1 thing in common, its hard to get in the first week it opens.

Now there are people who take it upon themselves to camp at entrance points to tell people off as they tp in, being script heavy, or whatever, now when I go to an event I tend to mute every person there, cam shop then bugger off, I don’t really care what other people are doing, it doesn’t seem to impact me.  What DOES affect me though is people who manage to get in, then sit there, camp there, take up space, hanging out with their mates chatting.  As far as I am concerned, wear your ugly arse 2007 primmy crap shooting particles out your arse, just get on with it and then fuck off so the rest of us can get in.


Ok, 1 event that is held in mainstores and therefore no lag, no jostling to get in is the 21 shoe event, which opens again this friday, 24 hour sale of exlusive shoes and the above is one of the shoes on offer from Hucci this round.


Also, FRECKLES! I always find something to moan about, and now its the 5 tattoo layers, I NEED AT LEAST 10


Hair –  Catwa : Lily

Eyes – Insufferable Dastard

Ears – Mandala

Hands and feet – Slink

Nails – Nailed it

Outfit – Liv Glam : K Collection So Hot

Shoes – Hucci : Talasea @ 21 Shoe Event This Friday only

Freckles – Oh Liv!

Poses – Pretense


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