Meanwhile non-humans can be stylish too

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You can be fantasy and still look amazing


So a couple of new things, new skin from Red Mint which comes in human and non human tones, from drow to demon to snow (I’m in the snow version) all come with all appliers and all that stuff.  I also am wearing a fitted mesh dress! its all very exciting except I just realised something that I probably should have thought of before now.


As you can see, the dress from DE Designs looks AMAZING, I love the whole structured clothing thing but from the front, the boobs look biggish. But from the side…….


Its the size I want, I can’t believe I didn’t think of this, fitted mesh can make my boobs smaller, but if the shading is boobtacular then im screwed, I JUST RESOLVED THIS WITH SKINS AND NOW ITS REOCCURED WITH CLOTHES


Hair – Wasabi pills : Stella

Skin – Red Mint : Ivy @ Skin Fair

eyes – insufferable dastard

Dress – DE Designs : Thyri

Hands and feet – Slink

Boots – Slink : Demi


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