Meanwhile faces and bods

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The Skin Fair opens this week, 3 sims of skins, and despite the variety of skinners in SL, I still have major issues finding skins for me.  The first thing I look for in a skin is the face, the face has got to work, I like strong lips and thick dark brows.  If I like the face I check the bod, and I want skins that have light shading for my small sloobs.  Lolas and other mesh boobs are widely available, people who want big boobs are well catered for in SL but even now, when big boob people have appliers most skins have giant dark shading on their skins and no tattoo/clothing layer debigginators.

Now I love my Pink Fuel skins, who have pretty much everything done right, at Futurewave recently I picked up the Sora skin and *everything* was in the pack, all the appliers all the body mods like boi/athletic/small chest/big chest.



Skin fair then.  I have 2 skins that tick my nice face/small chest caveats, Jade from PXL, and Erin from League see below the cut for topless shots.

Both skins do not come with appliers in the pack, which is a little small gripe, but what both do come with is different boob shading!!!


PXL – Jade comes with 3 boob sizes, 3 mole options, 3 lipgloss options, freckles, different eyebrow colours including no eyebrows


League – Erin comes with 5 boob options, pubic hair, freckles, 7 tintable lipsticks, loads of eyebrows including no brows.

I am well aware that I am in the minority of SL’er by wanting a small a or b cup chest, but still there is a LOT of skinners about, cater to my niche!


Hair – Wasabi Pills : Marin : Whore couture

Skins – PXL Jade and League Erin @ The Skin Fair

Eyes – Insufferable Dastard


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    Skin Fair Gets Ready to Kick Off | Its Only Fashion said:
    March 12, 2014 at 2:47 pm

    […] For a more complete look at the body, check out Darkley. […]

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