Meanwhile I am a blogger

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I read Sasy’s amazing post the other day about the different types of Second Life fashion blogger Blogger, Blogga, Bloggrrr and it’s made me think about my blog, why I blog and am I actually helpful in anyway.


I am a fashion blogger, with a few other bits and pieces thrown in, I started blogging because I am an insufferable showoff and wanted to show people all the cool stuff I’d found in SL.


Part of me being a show off and wanting to impart my finds with people is credits, if I know an item is for a particular event I will add @ event to the description, I don’t post slurls anymore because I’ve found that stores move, not just to different sims but different heights and I was getting fed up of TP’ing to a store and falling, so at the top of my blog I have an entire page dedicated to designers, and each one will link to either their marketplace store or if they have one, their store blog, they are more likely to keep their slurls accurate than I ever can.  I also have an entire page dedicated to events that I have shopped at, again, it links back to the events homepage, so that if you are looking for it, its easier to find.

We all get stuck in little ruts, or develop bad habits, that’s why taking breaks or doing something new mixes it up a bit, I recently moved my entire blog over to this new one, and it’s put a little spring back in my step.


The point of credits is so that anyone looking at the pictures can say ‘oooh, I like the look of XXX’ and find it, and Sasy is completely right, if you ain’t going to credit properly, you ain’t doing it properly.  I do like reading SL blogs, I get ideas, and also new to me stores but my biggest Hell NO! is autoplay music, autoplay = autoclose you damn site, what do you think this is? myspace?


The only thing that I sometimes leave off my credits is poses, but only when the pose store is long gone and the items are no longer available.  I have 1000s of poses, they don’t really date (apart from those horrific model ones from ancient SL days)



Ok, enough of my wittering, Coldlogic sale still on! and OMG SPARKLY SHOES BY SLINK!


Hair – Wasabi Pills : Brigitte

Skin – Pink Fuel : Sora @ Futurewave

Eyes – insufferable dastard

Dress – ColdLogic : Malone

Hands and feet – Slink

Nails – Nailed it

Bracelets and Rings – LP

Shoes – Slink : Siren

Poses – Everglow

Lanterns – LAQ Decor

House – Trompe Loeil beach house



2 thoughts on “Meanwhile I am a blogger

    Sasy Scarborough said:
    February 25, 2014 at 7:36 pm

    lol @ MySpace great post 🙂 and you showing off has been a blessing to us all xoxSasyxox

      Darkley Aeon responded:
      February 25, 2014 at 7:39 pm

      its such an old fashioned thing to do though, autoplay music, its 2014 not 1998

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