Meanwhile it needs to be spring now

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Right now, Winter is just so over.

So, more goodies from the 21 shoe event, this time from KoiKoi, 2 different shoes this time, 1 for the slink high feet, 1 for the medium, and I do like a shoe that looks like I could damage someone with.


Also, I was talking about short hair, was going through my folder, and I have a specific folder called ‘short hair’ theres some in there, but its a smaller folder than the rest.  Short hair doesn’t have to be severe (although I do like those too) short hair can be pretty, can be sweet, so pull your finger out hairiators (I made that word up) make me short ladies hair!


Also, the Coldlogic sale is still ongoing, half price of everything, and yes, that is everything, so go!


Hair – Monso : Daisy

Skin – Pink fuel : Sora

Dress – Cold logic : Mattison

Shoes – KoiKoi :  Heart and Winklepickers

Hands and feet – slink

Nails – Nailed it

Poses – Glow

Pictures taken at Ode

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