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There are 1000’s of SL blogs, blogs about fashion, home and garden, travel, events, music, blogs in dozens of languages, blogs about technical aspects, and other…..


It takes time to build up a blog, to build readers, to establish your niche (if any) and if you are going to run a fashion/stuff blog on SL that isn’t freebies then it will cost you actual money.


so when I see a brand new blogger asking for ‘sponsors’ it makes me wince,  I dislike the term sponsor when it comes to Second Life blogs, what they are actually asking for is designers to drop free stuff on them.  Why would a designer choose your blog over the 1000’s of others when you haven’t even joined a feed, gained a readership or even posted longer than a month?


I have noticed a marked change in new bloggers recently, instead of reading a creators profile and finding out the procedure for becoming their blogger  they just IM with

“Hi? I have blog add me to list”

and I am not even kidding



Hair – Lamb : Xtal @ collabor88

skin – pink fuel

eyes – insufferable dastard

necklace – maxi gossamer :  gold heart key

dress – coco : lace dress

Boots – Eudora : Steampunk boots

ears – mandala

hands – slink

pictures taken at gates of destiny


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