Meanwhile I want some sand between my toes

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I love the sea, I love the beach, I am gutted I don’t live near either, relatively speaking, I’m closer to the beach than someone who lives in Kansas for example


and as the weather in RL is horrific, I can get away to a virtual beach any time I like


I do have a thing about teeth, I’ve bought loads of add on teeth, with varying success but for me the best teeth is the teeth you can sometimes get with a skin, like Pink fuel, and all the Loud Mouth teeth and mouth pictures I’ve seen always look a little bit like an anus


Hair – Magika | Forget
Skin – Pink Fuel | Harley
Eyes – A:S:S | Vega
Top – Baiastice | Mjrie
Ears – Mandala
Necklace – Mandala | Gyatei
Skirt – Apple May | Luna
Hands and feet – Slink
Nails – Nailed it
Poses – Posies
Pictures taken at Salt Water

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