Meanwhile I have some more advice for you……

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I did a non-scientific biased poll yesterday on plurk, about blogging turn offs, because as a blogger I do look at other bloggers, and there are a few things that came up time and time again.


Firstly, autoplay music – DONT DO IT, seriously there is nothing that will make me close that tab faster than being blasted with music.


Then the usual photo things such as not using anti-aliasing (its in your graphics settings, helps with jagged edges) over processing pictures so you can’t see the items.  Another is not including SLurls or abbreviating store names so finding the item is impossible, now I don’t use SLurls myself, I have a seperate page at the top called DESIGNERS where i link either the stores marketplace or store blog as ive found in the past when I add a slurl they move, I also state if its an event item so @ collabor88/arcade/flux/fameshed etc.  As for abbreviations, this dress is from Ducknipple, the item says DN, but DN doesn’t mean anything to you.


Hair – Magika | Blame
Skin – Pink Fuel | Harley
Eyes – Dead Apples | Cloudy Blue
Piercing – Hebenon Vial | Pitch
Ears – Mandala
Dress – Ducknipple | Elegant
Shoes – KoiKoi | Perfetti
Hands and Feet – Slink
Nails – Nailed it
Tattoo – Para Designs | Patriot
Poses – Vain
Pictures taken at Satellite

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