Meanwhile it’s all a bit hazy

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Some SL’ers will tell you every detail about themselves in the first seconds of meeting them, others won’t even admit to being a corporeal being after 5 years of knowing them, these are the extremes but most of us fall somewhere on this scale.


SL is your world etc etc, and whether I get to know your inside leg measurement or not doesn’t actually matter to me, but what does seem to prompt these discussions are either the clash between people who are RP’ing their entire SL existence and people who are just being mostly themselves, and the wierd drama that creates, or when someone is outed in a giant lie.


For me, I am just 1 person, I might not tell you everything about me, but my friends know enough, I am not playing a character, mainly because I’m just too lazy and busy to create one.


Hair – Magika | Awake
Skin – Pink Fuel | Harley
Eyes and eyeliner – Dead Apples
Jacket – LG Boutique | Butterfly Jacket (They don’t seem to have an inworld store, but marketplace is
Jeans – Fashionably Dead | Hand drawn jeans
Shoes – Leverocci | Belgravia
Hands and feet – Slink
Poses – Olive Juice
Pictures taken at Virtual Decay

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