Meanwhile I win*

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I managed to get into Collabor88!, I win the internet, and here are my prizes


I did a quick whip through, I will go back again as it was laggy and I need to see everything but I picked up pretty much everything you see here.


The hair, the skin, the romper, and good god look at these freckles!


Hair – Monso | Yong @ Collabor88
Skin – Glam Affair | Katya @ Collabor88
Earrings – Bewildebeest | Io, no longer available sorry
Romper – Katat0nik | Dandita @ Collabor88
Nails – Nailed it | French Manicure
HAnds and feet – SLink
Shoes – Leverocci | Belgravia
Eyes – Insufferable Dastard | Tropical Brights
Chair – Tableau Vivant | Stag Chair @ Collabor88
Poses  – Vain


* I’m sure you placed well yourself.


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