Meanwhile I’m still waiting on the Fair Fair*

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or Fayre Fair, Fayre Fayre or Fair Fayre, or something.

fair fair

Something you may not know about me, in the summer I run the bouncy castle at fetes and things (we have small local fete/fair thingys) I’m lucky because how often as a grown up do you get the chance to go on a bouncy castle? Also, boss kids around 😉

fair fair 2

I would like more ‘fun’ things in SL, plus also mesh tops that don’t have honking great boobs

fair fair 3

Hair – Tram | C407
Skin – Pink Fuel | Alyx
Eyes- Insufferable Dastard | Tropical Brights
Ears – Mandala
Top – ColdLogic | Waid
Trousers – Bilo | Farzhaan
Shoes – Hucci | Beira Sandals
Hands and Feet – SLink
Poses – Pretense
Pictures taken at Wilwood

* I’m sure your event is amazing, never said you smelled bad either


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