Meanwhile I need a holiday*

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I know, I’ve been doing a lot of beach shots lately, but I haven’t had a proper hot holiday in years (as in hot weather, the UK doesn’t and will never count) and despite being ginger, I do love to sit in the shade on a beach, swim in the sea etc


Hopefully I get my accident settlement in time for the Summer…. I’ve already stocked up on Factor 50 dammit


for the time being, I’m going to have to content myself with SL beaches.


Hair – Clawtooth | That pretty lady @ The Arcade
Skin- Pink Fuel | Alyx
Eyes – Dead Apples | Nebula Ice
Top – Drift | Tini Kini
Shorts – Drift | Weekender
Hands – SLink
Poses – Prickle
Pictures taken at Crossing Currents

* I am talking about me, personally, I’m sure you are lovely and can go on holiday whenever you like


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