Meanwhile there’s a shortage*

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Short hair, stuff for avatars with less than a D cup chest, cool sims where I can rez a posestand, windlight settings that work for me (and I’ve got 100s of the buggers) whinge, whine, meh.


So first moan, I want more short mesh hair, and hats! mesh hair and mesh hats together, more more more.


So, is the deformer thingy happening or what? I want mesh clothes that fit my shape dammit! not everyone wants lolaesque boobs *humpf*


Hair – RAWhouse | Flatliner
Skin – Pink Fuel | Alyx
Eyes – Song | Snow
Piercing – KoWP | Reverse
Tattoo – Letis | Grumium
Makeup – Dead Apples
Hairbase – 99 Elephants
Ears  – Mandala
Outfit – Ducknipple @ Marketplace SLX outfit
Boots – Ducknipple | Rambo Boots
Poses – PDA
Pictures taken at Aught

* well, there is a general shortage of lot’s of things, but I’m trying to think of a blog title that works with what I’m about to talk about, stop whining


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