Meanwhile I bought the wrong peanuts

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Bear with me, I do have a point, today at the RL shops I saw some peanuts, bought them, when I got home realised they were Salt and vinegar (urgh) and I mistakenly bought them because they were almost identical to the normal peanuts.


In SL, I have been burned several times when the item inside the folder doesn’t match the shiny, fancy ad on marketplace or in their store, it had been PS’d or altered so it looked to be much higher quality than it actually was, now store owners that do this immediately go on my shit list 🙂  (NOTE I BIN STUFF LIKE THAT, NEVER BLOGGED IT, AND IM PROBABLY NOT TALKING ABOUT YOU EITHER, PLUS DIDN’T KICK YOUR KITTEN)


Sorry, I always feel the need to put a disclaimer in, as people are paranoid and spiteful


Hair – Wasabi Pills | Selene
Skin – Pink Fuel | Alyx
Necklace – HoD | Mercenary
Eyes and eyeliner – Dead Apples
Hands | Slink
Dress – DECO | M100 Dress
Shoes – Ducknipple | Donna
Poses – Musa
Pictures taken at Ode

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