Meanwhile I have a bone to pick with you

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So everyone has a pet peeve, and everyones been telling people their pet peeves, although that isn’t one of my pet peeves.


I’m not going to trot out the same old pet peeves, because most of them ain’t really about anymore, people don’t really do clicky heels, bling, facelights anymore (at least where I go) and thankfully I haven’t had to pick my hair and shoes out of my arse in years.  So heres mine.

1) We all love events, fairs and such and we all know there are always going to be people who will wear as many scripts and attachments as they damn well want and will never ever change, but this isn’t my pet peeve.   My pet peeve is the self appointed script police who just stand there berating everyone else for what they are doing.  The thing is? IF YOU ARE WATCHING EVERYONE ELSE YOU AINT FUCKING SHOPPING SO PISS OFF.

2) People who call for applicants to be in their creators group/bloggers group/whatever, make a big thing about advertising for applicants and then just choose all their friends anyway.

3) That moment, when you have spent ages setting up a shot, adjusting windlight, the angle, and everything is perfect, you open up the pic in gimp and GAH! YOUR ARM DEREZZED FOR A MILISECOND DURING THE PICTURE

4) Stores that don’t put their new releases somewhere obvious, like at the front of the store, if I’ve seen something released in a notice and I want it, I don’t want to hunt around the entire sim, on several floors to get to it, because I just wont.

5) People who bang on and on about how ‘short’ they are in SL, as if they are unique special snowflakes and should be applauded for their choices, nobody cares, glamazons are still about, sure, but IDIAF if you are short or tall, do what the plums you like.

Hair – Red Mint | Hair no12
Skin – Pink Fuel | Alyx
Eyes – Dead Apples | Nebula Ice
Dress – The Plastik | Vex
Feet – Gos | Barefeet
Pictures taken at Ode

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