Meanwhile I miss my opposable thumb

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The ongoing saga of my accident has now reached being in a cast status, which means I no longer can use my favourite thumb, gah


So if i have more typos or spelling errors than usual, pleae excuse me.  LOOK! NEW DRESS!




So, new dress release from The Plastik, Pandora, and it comes in 21 different amazing pattens, I adore patterns, need more in SL and it includes along with the usual L/M/S/XS/XXS sizes, it always includes a deformer version, which on me works brilliantly, small bust, fat arse FTW!


Hair – Tableau Vivant | Hathaway @ Collabor88
Skin – Pink Fuel @ Skin Fair
Eyes – Dead Apples | Nebula Fantasy
Dress – The Plastik | Pandora Dress
Earrings | The Plastik | Jestyr
Tattoo – Letis | The Owl
Shoes – FK!
Pictures tken at Madpea Carnevale

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