Meanwhile I’m an awkward bugger

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The Skin Fair opens tomorrow (15th March) more details and SLurls will be added to their blog and its 2 sims with over 80 different skinners to choose from.  (all pics are unedited)


Now, I only had a quick 20 minute recce round it yesterday, and a lot of designers were not set up, and my camming isn’t that great so I’m sure there were a lot I have missed but…. it’s about boobs

I know, Lolas are really popular, and of course if you have a store then you want to cater to people, but for me, trying to find a skin without harsh boob shading (mean’t for sliders of 50 or more) is really hard) *BOOBS AFTER THE CUT*

When I think of all the skins I have bought and wear a LOT they either have subtle boob shading or tattoo layer dehancers, Adam n Eve are fantastic in that they offer so many different options with their skins, freckle layers, hairbases, eyebrow tattoos, enhancers, dehancers, dimples and no nail gloves for wearing mesh or prim nails.  I am wearing their skin without any enhancers or dehancers here.


Now, I know I’m an awkward fussy bugger but please offer dehancers with your skins! I love so many of the faces but I don’t want boob shading that looks like I’ve been hacked at by a bad surgeon on my avatar


skin – Adam n Eve | Bethany
Hair – Wasabi Pills | Julia
Eyes – Dead Apples | Nebula Ice

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