Meanwhile there are a lot of small wins

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I am easily pleased, lot’s of small wins, small achievements make me happy.  Today the ongoing saga that is my RL bathroom is halfway there, I’ve completed chipping off the tiles, sourced my flooring and paint.  so I am happy, planning my next room.  Same as SL, small wins, small achievements, like managing to find a cool place to take pics, managing to get into an event (damn you arcade, why can’t i get in you!)


So new hair from Red Mint now, in the pack you get some optional loose pearls in a variety of colours (see below the cut)


I never really got into the makeup add ons before, but I am starting to collect a few bits and pieces, mainly eyeliners and eyeshadows (lipsticks never look as good as the actual skinners lips


Hair – Red Mint | Hair no10
Skin – Glam Affair | Amberley
Makeup and eyes – Dead Apples
Dress – Coldlogic | Hathaway
Shoes – Gos | Sophia peeptoe
Poses – Adorkable
Pictures taken at Carnivale

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