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So some of you don’t read Shopping Cart Disco and the secrets, and some of you pretend to not read Shopping Cart Disco and the secrets but, there’s been something going on lately.  Someone has posted pretty much submitted the same secret 3 weeks in a row, which tells us more about the submitter than the target, now why should anyone care what someone is or isn’t doing with another person?


I was going to do a whole jokey post about it, but a few people are upset by it, so I will leave it there.


What I wanted to show you today was new hair from Wasabi Pills, OMG CURLS, this is the closest mesh hair I’ve seen so far, moar curls please!

Also, I keep getting ‘burned’ by bloody meli templates, buying stuff I think is original and it turning out to be yet another damn meli that is put out by 300 ‘designers’


Hair – Wasabi Pills | Momo
Skin – Essences | Thursday @ The Dressing Room Fusion
eyes – Insufferable Dastard | Light sensitive
Top – Deco | Wooly Pulley
Shorts – Necrotica | Rolled up jeans
Boots – Red Mint | Army Boots
Poses – Tutti Frutti
Pictures taken at Virtual Decay

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