Meanwhile there is a song that always makes me smile

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We akll have them, a song that without fail puts a smile on your face, either something old, from when you were a kid, or more recent.  Those who know me know mine, I will reveal it after the cut though 😉

I also wanted to show you this hat/scarf bear thingy, its only available on marketplace as far as I can tell (link in credits), and I love it, its kinda cutesy but I can live with that.

I also wanted to show of the boots by miel, one of my favourite SL stores, as always they come in a natural or brights option and you can colour change most of the elements.

Eyes – FATEWear
Hat/scarf – Nacon
Skin – glam Affair
Freckles – Illusory
Lashes – Cheap Makeup
Top – DeeTaleZ
Short – Mon tissu
Boots – Miel
Poses – Adorkable
Picutres taken at Virtual Decay

oh, yeah, that song that always makes me smile?  I have more though, I’ll have a think about some more


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