Meanwhile once upon a time

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There was a girl, who did stuff, and stuff happened, and then it was ok again, and she lived happily ever after…..

So, I wanted to show off this hair from Wasabi Pills, called Match Girl available at the Fairy Tales event.

If you hadn’t noticed before, green is one of my favourite colours, and I bought this from The Sea Hole, system top and mesh skirt, which works perfectly together, didn’t have to tweak a thing.  My only gripe about The Sea Hole is that their system clothes are no copy/trans but the prim elements are copy/no trans, although in this case the items are seperates anyway, I have bought dresses in the past where half the outfit was copy, the other half not.

Hair – Wasabi Pills
Skin – Curio
Ears – Visavi
Feet – SLink
Top and Skirt – The Sea Hole
Poses – PDA
Pictures taken at Elven Gardens

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