Meanwhile it’s a hunt

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A zombie hunt…..  Starts today Friday 22th June -Monday 25th June at NN city.  I normally don’t do hunts, because they are a bit of a grind, but this one is actually fun, shoot zombies, the better the score, the more stuff you can collect, so this hair comes in multiple colours, the amount of shades you get depends on how good you are at wasting zombies.

From the organisers.

Grab a Body Count Hud, grab a gun ( free one available with the Hud), and let the hunt begin! The more the zombies you slaughter the higher your score raises , but be careful -they fight back! Zombie bites will count negative on your score. Be fast , be cautious, be tricky ! -because they are too Zombies will continually appear all over the town, discover all the citys secret spots, hidden halls and dark tunnels to get the highest kill- count and the best prizes. Prizes can be “bought ” with your score at special vendors in NN City and all participating stores. To buy a prize wear your hud and touch the desired vendor , than confirm the exchange of your score points into your gift. You can buy as many prizes as your score allows, than go hunt again for more, or just save all your points for the really expensive gifts, whatever your choice …fun is guaranteed!! 2nd NN City Zombie Hunt

participating stores:
[NN] -Designs –
Napalm Industries –
Something Cute –
!:::Wicked Tattoos:::! –
Happy Undead –
Moonwork –
Sassy! –
Discord Designs –
PopTart –
Virtual Decay – C
haos,Panic, & Disorder! –
Epic Arsenal –
Panda Punx Skins –
=Crazy Bish= –
Nocturnal Needs –
estat Gestures –
NiNight Creations
Credits –
Hair – Discord Designs
Skin – Curio
Top – u.f.o. @collabor88
Feet – SLink
Poses – Everglow
Eyes – FATEeyes
Pictures taken at Neva River

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