Meanwhile a difference in perspective

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I’ve shrunken down, to a mere bite sized size now I have a petite avatar.  So heres the new petite avatars available at the Fantasy faire by The Plastik.

The Petites skins will first be released at Fantasy faire, and there will be special edition ones, some of which, the sales will go directly to the charity Relay for Life.! The elven colors will only be available at Fantasy Faire, and feature the Ataciara skins,and then after the event is over, they will be available at the petites Market.

The avatars come with 2 different hand optons, a few huds that change the facial expression, skin tones, a range of eyes and varying head options from elven ears, human ears, no ears and makeup options.

The hair is from Wasabi Pills, which comes in a petite or a regular avatar size, make sure you demo to make sure you have right size, but the petite hairs are grouped together in store.

Avatar – The Plastik
Hair – Wasabi Pills
Outfit – Elvenbreath

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