Meanwhile I’m rising above it all

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I spent a long time away from SL, 5 months, partly because of RL job stuff and partly because I wasn’t enjoying it anymore, but I’ve been back for a week, and I have my mojo back, I am enjoying my SL immensely 🙂


I bought SLink’s mesh feet and mesh eyelids which are a doddle to colour match and look amazing, I won’t say I won’t wear shoes ever again because thats just crazy talk but you know what I mean.

More Wasabi Pills hair now, MissAllSunday has been releasing incredible mesh hairs for months, and they just get better and better.

and in the spirit of rising above it, I’m forgetting past squabbles, moving on, today is a brand new day

Hair – Wasabi Pills
Skin – Illusory
Horns – Illusions
Dress- The Sea hole
Feet and Eyelids – SLink
Poses – Prickle
Eyes – Insufferable Dastard
Pictures taken at Mysterious Wave

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