Meanwhile I lost my invisible horse*

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Thats the trouble you see, they never tell you the down sides do they?

What I wanted to show you today was more mesh goodies and various newness.

More newness from Ariel 5, in the form of the camo bra top, it comes in air, sea or land versions, so whatever floats your boat, or plane, or tank.

Now for the mesh,  a Mesh HAT! I love it, I wear fishing style hats in RL, and this is just stunning.

Hat – Soren Jaakobs
Hair – booN
Skin – Curio
Plaster on nose – Dirty Lynx
Top – Ariel 5
Tattoo- Mortality
Necklace – HOD
Ring – Bewildebeest
Shorts – Grasp
Shoes – Miel
poses – Prickle
Pictures are unedited
*I never had an invisible horse, I was just trying to make you all jealous

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