Meanwhile there is something new to SL

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Hopefully you havent been living under a rock and have heard of mesh, and that it’s been released today.

I don’t really understand it myself, as far as I’m concerned its all sorcery, but if it means better ‘stuff’ in SL I’m all for it.

What I wanted to show Mesh wise were the earrings by Pixel Dolls, and I’m very impressed, great detail on them 🙂

and if you havent been to Bewildebeest yet, I suggest you do, Coyote specialises in the unusual, the quirky and every piece is a miniature work of art (I nearly wrote far, sorry coyo)

Hair- Hairoin
Skin – Illusory
Undies – Adam and Eve
Boots – Lapointe and Bastchild
Earrings – Pixel Dolls
Necklace and ring – Bewildebeest
Poses – Olive Juice

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