Meanwhile in the shadows

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If you haven’t already guessed, I love SL shadows, and I am lucky enought to have a computer I can run them on, I have them on pretty much constantly, and I’m always fiddling with windlight so I can get some cool effects.

I’ve downloaded lots of presets, from Torleys to Strawberry Singhs and firestorm has some good ones already in the viewer.

I should talk about the dress really, it’s a new release from Soleil, which specialise in the slightly unusual which is very me.

and a recent release hair from Rawhouse, which is unisex, comes with a shaved hairbase
Hair – Rawhouse
Skin  – Nomine
Earrings – Bewildebeest
Dress – Soleil
Shoes – SLink
Poses – Hopscotch

One thought on “Meanwhile in the shadows

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