Meanwhile on the sand

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I love the beach, RL but I hate sand, and that it get into everything, but this is SL and we don’t have to worry about it.

There are a couple of things I wanted to show today, first off is the necklace from Miel, I got the bracelet as a group gift last week, and had to buy the necklace, apart from looking amazing, it’s really clever, you get a hud where you can change all the letter/characters to whatever you like, so I’ve used my avatar name and my rl first name.


I also wanted to show off the top, from A&M which has 3 different types of undershirt, sheer (shown) semi sheer and solid

And lastly, I have made a new ‘teeth’ shape, where I’ve fiddled with my lips so the teeth look good.

Hair – Raspberry Aristocrat
Skin – Pink Fuel
Top – Acid and mala
Necklace – Miel
Short s- Zaara
Boots – Adjunct
Poses – PDA

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