Meanwhile I’m doing a mini-tutorial

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Just a quickie one, about fitting prims and choosing poses….

We have all done it, I know I have, you set up your pictures, choose your outfit, poses, take a load of pictures and then when you come to look at the finished images, you notice you necklace sticking through your ear, or your hair embedded in your armpit.  This is usually caused by either a) not fitting prims correctly or b) the wrong pose for that outfit.  (All pictures are unedited)

So the first thing is the fitting prims, the easiest way of doing this is to jump on a pose stand and zoom right in, using CTRL+0, to get as close as you can. Edit linked prims and move into position, then move to a different angle to make sure that the prim is correct from all sides.

At this point you have edited all your prims, they all fit perfectly and you are looking amazing!

Now for the poses…

There are very few ‘bad’ poses, but what happens a lot of the time is the poses are used incorrectly, either you are wearing prim skirts/dresses or long hair, and the pose makes them go into the body.

I usually have a pose stand out, with 40+ poses in them, so I can easily scroll through to find the right pose for the outfit.

Top – [SG*] Herangsa – Black (shirt) = The Sweetest Goodbye
Trousers –  :[P]:-Aeda Slacks-P-NIghtshade  – The Plastik
Boots .:L&B:. “Lace ups Platforms”  – Lapointe and Bastchild
Freckles –  Dark~Hundreds and Thousands – Mynerva
Hair – (r)M ~ Hair No.10(F) ~ Velvet Brown – Red Mint
Piercing – [ < ] kOwP [ > ] Piercings *=* Reverse *=*
Skin :GP: Petal Frex [Light] Pout-Pure 2  – Curio
Poses – Olive Juice
Pictures taken at Missing Mile

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