Meanwhile I’ve swapped viewers

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I’ve been using Kirstens viewer for a long time now, because I love shadows, and the adjustments you can make to Depth of Field easily and recently had issues with crashing on login, repeatedly, so after reading plurk yesterday where people were declaring Firestorm amazing, I thought sod it, and had a go myself.

I found firestorm to be faster, I am able to take larger shadow pictures without those odd squares, everything loads pretty quick, and it’s simple to navigate, a combination of V1 and V2 features.

So what I am blogging today is new hair, as it’s hair fair time, from Head Mistress, where you buy the fatpack only, for only $150L

Hair – Head Mistress
Skin – Atomic
Cami – Graffitiwear
Shoes – House of London
Bracelet – Miel
NecklaceĀ  – Dark Mouse

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